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List of Activities  

Hindi Calligraphy Competition (17-11-20)

Our school organised Hindi Calligraphy Competition for the students of Std.-I to Std.-II. and Std.-III to Std.-VI. Students were asked to write any text or passage from their respective Hindi textbook or any other book in a sheet of ruled/printed paper with their name, class, admission number, and name of their respective ‘House’ and to scan their sheet and send its pdf to the WhatsApp number 7070652668. The last date for submission was 25-11-2020.


Fancy Dress Competition (14-11-20)

On the occasion of Children's Day our school organised a 'Fancy Dress Competition from 8-11-20 to 14-11-20 for class LKG to Std.:-II. Students can send only one entry for this competition. Students sent the images to Priti Mam - Whatsapp number 7564915110 and Aparna Mam - WhatsApp number - 8757647376 along with their name, class, and admission number. The last for submission was 14-11-20.

Greeting Card, Diya Decoration & Pot Painting Competition (8-11-20)

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali our school organised an 'Inter House Greeting Card, Diya making & Pot painting competition from 8-11-20 to 14-11-20 for the class III to XII. There were three categories:- Group -I :- Std.:- III to V Group - II :- Std.:- VI to VIII Group- III :- Std.:- IX to XII. Students sent one entry each in Greeting Card, Diya making and Pot painting competition. Students of class III to VIII  sent the images of their work to D.K.Srivastava Sir - Whatsapp number:- 93340 02915 and students of class IX to XII to S.Jaiswal Sir- Whatsapp number:- 94313 77288, along with their name, class, admission number, and the name of their respective House. The last for submission was 14-11-20. The competition was organised through online.


Eco-Club- Importance of Medicinal plants- Short Video (2-11-20)

School Eco-Club organised a short video making competition on the importance of medicinal plants. Students were asked to prepare a short video on any medicinal plant. They were asked to hold the plant or keep it their background and tell a few lines on it. Nineteen students participated in this competition.


Essay Writing Competition- ‘Satark Bharat, Samriddh Bharat’ (27-10-2020)

Our school is organising an Inter House Essay Writing Competition on occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week. The topic for essay writing competition is ' Satark Bharat, Samriddh Bharat' / "सतर्क भारत, समृद्ध भारत"  

There were two groups:-  Group-I Class VII – IX & Group-II Class X - XII. The word limit will be 250 words for Group-I and 500 words for Group-II. Students are asked to submit their work either in English or Hindi. They are also instructed to write their essay in their own handwriting and in their own words. The last date for submission is 2-11-2020.

English Calligraphy Competition (24-10-2020) 

Our school organised ‘English Calligraphy Competition’ for the students of Std.-I to Std.-II. and Std.-III to Std.-VI. Students were asked to write any text or passage from their respective English text book or any other book in a sheet of ruled/printed paper with their name, class, admission number and name of their respective ‘House’. 63 students from class I to VI participated in it. Stduents submitted their work in the form of pdf on whatsapp number of organising teacher.

Gandhi Jayanti - Swachchta Abhiyan (2-10-20) 

Our school organised Gandhi Jayanti in the form of Swachchta Abhiyan on 2nd October. On this occasion the students of our school were asked for Cleanliness’ drive in their locality, make poster on Swachch Bharat and to write inspirational slogans on Cleanliness. Nearly 50 students of the school performed cleanliness drive in their locality.  They made posters and wrote slogans. Some of the students also planted some plants in their locality, in their garden and their courtyard.

Madhubani Art on Waste Card Webinar (15-9-2020)

TERI and TATA Steel organised a workshop on Madhubani Art on Waste Card Webinar for the students of Class VI to VIII through Microsoft Teams. The Schools of Jharia Division, i.e DAV Alkusa, DAV Jamadoba, DAV Sijua and DAV CFRI participated in this webinar. Ms Tanuja T of TERI under ‘The Green School Project’ showed the famous Worli Art through waste card. 79 students of our school participated and learnt the art of Madhubani.

Teachers Day Celebration-2020 (5-9-2020)

Our school celebrated the Birth Anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the Teachers Day in the school premises. The day was celebrated in a simple way by maintaining the social distance as per the protocol. There was ‘Hawan’ on this occasion and garlanding the portrait of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. On this occasion Principal Sir, Sri S.K.Sinha extended his well wishes to all the teaching and non-teaching staff. H exclaimed the teachers one of the great warriors of the society and the nation. The Chief Guest Sri. A. Raychoudhuri, G.M. P.B area, admired the works of teachers of the school and showed his gratitude towards the contribution of the school to the coal belt area. Addressing the teachers, he asked the teachers to work like a gardener, one who nurture every plant with dedication and hard work. He also admired the hard work of the school Principal Sri. Sinha. The programme was concluded by a token of love  for the  Teachers’ Day presented to the staff by the Chief Guest. The Principal also presented token of love to all the guests. Sri Xalco, Area Personnel Manager, P.B Area was also present in this occasion.

Independence Celebration (15-8-2020)

The School celebrated the 74th Independence Day in a simple way. There were few teachers and non teaching staff on this auspicious occasion. Addressing the audience, Principal Sir, Sri S.K.Sinha greeted everyone and extended his warm welcome. He said that this is the first time that Independence Day is being celebrated without the involvement of students and guests. He thanked the teaching staff for their efforts and hard work in taking the online classes. S.K.Saha (P.Edu) and Chandan Singh (Music Dept.) presented patriotic songs on this occasion.  

Janamashtami Celebration by Tiny tots  (11-8-20) 

The tiny tots of our school celebrated Janamashtami festival at their home under the guidance of Junior teachers like Mrs. Gitanjali Gupta, Mrs. Aparna and,  Mrs. Shweta Kumari. The tiny tots guised themselves in the form of Lord Krishna and send their images through whatsapp. Thirty two students of class LKG, UKG and Std.-I participated in this celebration.

Regional Level Online Quiz Contest (7-8-2020 & 10-8-2020) 

Regional Level Online Quiz Contest was organised by TERI & Tata Steel on Biodiversity and Waste Management on 7th August and 10th August 2020 among forty schools across Jharia, West Bokaro, Noamundi, Joda and Khnadband Division. This contest was available in English, Hindi and Odia. It was conducted through Microsoft Forms on both days from 4.45 pm to 5.45 pm. This contest was an elimination round. 97 students of Std. VI, VII & VIII of our school participated in it. Jaspreet Kaur (VIII), Silpi Das (VII) & Ayush Kumar (VI) were selected for the second round, which is going to be held on 11-11-20 through Microsoft Teams.

Rakhi Competition (1-8-20 to 3-8-20) 

The school organised an ‘Inter House Rakhi Competition’. It was organised online. Students were asked to to make colourful 'Rakhi' with the things available at their home and then send the picture of their Rakhi on whatsapp. There were two groups- Junior Section from Std.-III to VI and Senior Section from Std. - VII to XII. The response was overwhelming. About 250 students participated in it.

Quiz Contest- JRD Tata Birth anniversary & Birds 29-7-2020 

A quiz contest was organised by TATA STEEL to mark the birth anniversary of Jamshed Ji Tata on 29-7-20. The theme of the quiz contest was the biography of  JRD Tata & the life of Birds. Ankita Kumari- VIII-D, Nikita Kumari- VII-A, N.R.Ayush Kumar- VI-A participated in this contest. The competition was held through Microsoft Teams App. DAV ALKUSA stood at 4th place among nine schools of the Jharia and West Bokaro Divisions.

Preparation of Paper bags, cloth bags, masks (22-7-20) 

As part of social work, the school's Eco Club asked students to make paper bags, cloth bags, masks, disposable plates, notebooks with old copies, compost, etc. All these items will later be distributed among the people living in slums. It will be distributed whenever the school reopens. A monthly report of these activities is also sent to TERI officials.

‘International Yoga Day’ (21-6-2020) 

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, the students of our school, performed various ‘Yog Aasanas’ under the guidance of P.Ed teacher Mr. S.K.Saha.  The students performed the ‘Aasanas’ in their respective home with the help of a video of Mr. S.K.Saha, that was send to them two days back. The students performed the three categories of “Aasanas”, i.e., standing, sitting, and laying yogasan. Students performed Aasanas like Tadasan, Vrikshasan, Padahastaasan, Ardhchakraasan, Padmaasan, Vajraasan, Shashankaasan, Bhujangaasan, Shalbhaasan, Halaasan, Shwaasan, Kapalbhaati, Anulom-Vilom etc.  All the images were sent to us through whatsapp.

‘Birds Voice Recording’ & ‘Short Video on insects’ Activities’ (20-6-20 to 24-6-20) 

As a part of ECO CLUB activity, students were given a task to watch the activities of insects and to record a video on the same. The time limit of the video was 2-3 minutes. Similarly, they were also asked to record birds' voices through their android phone. The time limit for this activity was a maximum of  2 minutes.

‘Leaf Art Competition’ (10-6-2020 to 15-6-2020) 

Leaf Art Competition was organised by TERI to take out the inner talent of the students. Students were asked to use any three types of leaves to make an image of any animal or bird. The images prepared by Aditya Kumar(VIII), Pintu Kumar(VIII), and Riya Kumari (VII) were selected by TERI and posted the same on their Facebook page.

‘World Environment Day – Plantation’ (5-6-2020) 

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, all the students and staff were requested to plant a sapling in their respective garden and courtyard. Students and teachers took part on this auspicious day. Pictures of plantation were posted in the School CCA Whatsapp group.

Painting Competition on ‘Biodiversity’ (1-6-2020 to 3-6-2020)

A painting competition on biodiversity was held by TATA STEEL on the occasion of the World Environment Day. Our students prepared painting on various themes of biodiversity like- nature, environment, deforestation, afforestation, conserving the nature and environment. All the paintings were posted on the Jharia TGPS Whatsapp group by the Coordinator and associates of our school ECO-CLUB. 

Story Telling Competition from Real Life Experience (25-5-20 to 29-5-20) 

A story telling competition on real-life experience was organised by TERI from 25th May to 29th May 2020.  All the participants including students and teachers of all divisions were asked to record their stories in their own voice and then    submit on the JHARIA-TGSP Whatsapp group. The time limit was 3-5 minutes. Two of our students- Ankita Raj (IX) and Gargee (VII) secured 1st and 2nd position in the Jharia Division. Audio of both students was aired on YOUTUBE by TERI.      

Solo Song Competition (5-5-20 to 15-5-20) 

Our school organised an Online ’Inter House Solo-Song Competition’ as a CCA Activity. There were two categories – Jr. Category for the students from Std.-VII to Std.-IX and Sr. Category – from Std.-X to Std.-XII. Students were asked to record a video of their song. The time limit was 3 to 5 minutes. From Jr. Category- Sakshi, Sneha and Nikita (all from VII) secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively. From Sr. Category- Rani Mukherjee & Harshit (both from XII) secured first position, Mahzabin Naaz (X) and Shreyosi Saha (XII) secured position and Ananya Khawas and Kunal Kumar (both from XII) got third position.

Photography Competition on nature (2-5-20 to 7-5-2020) 

Students of DAV Alkusa took part in the photography competition organised by TERI. The theme of the hotography was ‘Nature’. Students were asked to click pictures  of flowers, trees, birds, plants, snow falling, rain, etc with their own camera/Android phone. TERI displayed the best pictures of all divisions on their Facebook page. The pictures of eight students of DAV Alkusa found a place in the TERI Facebook page.

Nest making and caring for pets, animals and birds (24-4-20 to 28-4-2020)

During the lockdown period, students of our school took part in some social activities like taking care of animals and birds. Students fed the street dogs, cows and birds. They also provided water to thirsty animals and prepared drinking vessels for birds. To provide shelter to birds our children prepared birds nest and installed the same on the trees, in their garden, and the terrace of their homes.

‘Waste Management’- Prepare articles with waste materials (18-4-20 to 22-4-20) 

As per the instruction by TERI & TATA STEEL, our students participated in Waste management programme, in which they were asked to prepare items with waste materials available at their home. Our students prepared a variety of articles such as pen stand, flower vase, mop, decorative items, carpets, birds nest with waste materials like plastic bottles, old newspapers, and old clothes.

Painting competition on ‘Save Nature’ (9-4-20 to 15-4-20) 

Our students took part in a painting competition organised by TERI & TATA Steel. The theme of the competition was ‘Save Nature’.  Students were asked to prepare painting at their home and send the images of their paintings to the Coordinator of ECO CLUB.  This competition was held among the four schools of the Jharia Division. This competition was open for all the students. 187 students from std. III to XI of our school participated in this competition. 

Compost making programme-at home (2-4-2020 to 7-4-20) 

Our students participated in compost making programme as a part of ECO CLUB Activities. In lockdown-I, students took part in this programme and started preparing compost in their garden and courtyard.  Students of class VI to IX participated in this programme.  The activity was conducted as per the instruction by TERI & TATA STEEL.



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