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Dear Viewers,

Heartiest Greetings. It is our honour and pleasure to share an incredible bond of association with our students with innovative ideas and creation which is under the able and benevolent guidance of our mentors, ‘teachers’ who have now entered the portals of this institution. Here, you will find the students acquiring tremendous potentials to set up the path towards achieving their goals in life to make a wonderful career by the effective moulding of the learned teachers. Your blessings provide them the motivation to move ahead in their pursuit of their long cherished goals. In this process, we are supposed to remove our shortcomings, as a thought and a related action when repeated, a number of times for “values” in education to preserve the personality merits, creates a lot.

Our Indian culture says each and every ‘action’ should be virtuous in nature. Eating when one is hungry is ‘nature’, eating someone else food is ‘perversion’, whereas, whether everyone at home has had food and then only after offering the food to God and eating it as a sacrament is ‘culture’.

It gives me immense pleasure to convey that during past thirty-six years, DAV Alkusa has covered a long journey as an integral part of total quality management in developing the ‘culture’.

We pray that Teacher-Student-Parent bond will be further strengthened and may God bless them with health , prosperity with ‘values’ to shape many more tender minds into brilliant individuals, both in character and mind, to serve the society and the nation.


(S.K. Sinha)